Mortgage Note Summer School RELOADED Preview

A 60 second recap of the live Mortgage Note Summer School webinar, which was held on Aug. 1st & 2nd



MNSS RELOADED draws from the content of the live August 2020 workshop but is converted to the Teachable platform. It includes all of the recorded video from that class plus all of the materials given to the students.

MNSS RELOADED is meant for folks who fall into one of two categories:

  • You are an aspiring note investor who has received a limited note education in the past (from websites, books, podcasts, and webinars) but you now desire a deeper level of understanding, or
  • You are a passive investor but would like to understand better the nuts and bolts of note investing in order to improve your decision-making.

What separates MNSS RELOADED from other training workshops is the coverage. Many workshops out there ONLY teach attendees about Non-Performing, 1st position mortgage notes. There are others that ONLY are meant for beginning investors. MNSS covers both Non-Performing Notes and Performing Notes as well as first position notes and seconds. 

We walk you through the entire note investing process - from scanning spreadsheets (tapes) for good candidate assets to performing due diligence and how to calculate your potential profits (or losses). We also tackle how to purchase assets, servicing, and executing your exit strategies. We teach you about some of the potential pitfalls that can kill your investment along the way, including the various federal and state regulations that have popped up in recent years.

Lead Instructors

Terrence Evans
Terrence Evans

Terrence Evans is the Founder of Terreva Investments, LLC, a firm that primarily deals with 1st position non-performing and performing mortgage notes on residential properties. MIT-educated, he has been a practicing electrical engineer for almost 25 years. The note space has suited him well as he is able to apply the same analytical and organizational skills that he uses in his daily engineering work.

In his effort to spread the notes gospel, Terrence created the South Los Angeles County-based brunch -n- learn meetup group called The Monthly Brunches of Notes in January 2019.

Saprina Allen
Saprina Allen

Saprina Hawkins-Allen has nearly two decades of investing experience in many facets of real estate and specifically debt collection portfolios. Her experience includes foreclosure, mortgage deficiency, brokering notes, note buyer, servicing, compliance, and even medical collections and more.

Currently, she is employed by Main Street Asset Solutions in Reno, Nevada as the President. Noted and praised for her work on bringing humanity and compassion while working with delinquent loans, her motto has forever been: “every home has a heartbeat.” This has served her well as she is perhaps the nation's leading bad mortgage restructuring negotiator and note servicing advisor.

Guest Instructors

Belinda Savage

Belinda Savage may have developed her roots in the foundations of Wall Street, as an institutional bond trader/market analyst but she now has her focus on the leading growth sector: Alternative Assets ($64 Trillion) for American investment portfolios, more specifically, retirement accounts on the Self-Directed Platform including Solo 401Ks!

Ms. Savage has extensive experience and expertise within the financial markets and alternative assets- RE, Private Equity/Debt, Intellectual Property, Lending to Cannabis, Investing into Crypto-currency - permitting her to network with a multiplicity of professionals & associations throughout the U.S. & providing a platform for investors to grow their tax-deferred portfolios!

Cheri Hill

Cheri Hill is the “Wealth Protection Diva” & CEO of Sage International, Inc., a leading provider of business development and wealth protection strategies. Cheri’s role is to educate and facilitate. She has a unique perspective, not just because she has built and grown successful companies from scratch, but because she has asked and answered a million questions in her 27 years of forming and working with start-ups, nonprofits, real estate investors, professionals, entrepreneurs and high net-worth individuals on how to properly structure their business and personal assets to safely grow, protect and leverage their hard-earned wealth from the Three Flaming Arrows of Challenge: Income Taxes, Liability Exposure, Estate Taxes & Probate.

Susie Berg

Susie Berg brings experience to her work as in-house counsel and an operations executive, applying partnership development, organizational expansion, and project management experience to her work helping start-ups identify and act on opportunities, while mitigating risk. Technical expertise spans finance, real estate, venture capital, private equity and mortgage lending.

Susie has experience brokering 50+ partnerships career wide—originating and structuring deals valued between $100K and $5M.

Course Prerequisites

  • THIS IS A TWELVE (12) HOUR COURSE. Please be well-rested and dedicate time to the sections.
  • Since the videos are full 1080, you may want to use a decent sized screen for viewing
  • Have familiarity with Microsoft Excel
  • Have some familiarity with a financial calculator

Please have some patience as the videos were recorded on the Zoom system. There are a handful of times where there is a noticeable lag between the video and audio.

What You Will Receive

  • A deeper dive into mortgage note investing that you cannot get from books or free webinars
  • A note business in a box! We will teach you how to:
  • Select & setup the correct entity
  • Get capital to fund your deals
  • Find your deals
  • Create a stream of income thru successful execution of your deals
  • Access to the M.N.S.S. recorded videos
  • A PDF copy of the Official M.N.S.S. Workbook/Bible for you to have as a reference. Printed & mailed copies can be purchased for an additional cost.
  • Email Access to the Instructors - for note investing-specific questions and resources


To celebrate Terrence's birthday, we are running a 47 day long promotion! The cost of the course will be cut to $247!

When you purchase the class, be sure to apply the code BIRTHDAY for the "ONE TIME ONLY" option or BIRTHDAY-TAKES2 for the "IT TAKES TWO" option. Make sure the discount is reflected before purchasing.

Promotion begins on January 1st and ends on February 16th!

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