Course Introduction

Listen to course author Terrence Evans describe the purpose and content of the Financial Calculator Basics Course!


About the Course

Have you ever looked at an amortization schedule and wondered how they arrived at those APR and payment amount numbers? Wonder no longer! After taking this class you will have foundational knowledge to use a financial calculator and more confidence to enter into note & seller finance transactions, thereby improving your profits! Learn to craft deals that others will not be able to!

For less than a dinner at a fancy restaurant, this course will teach you:

  • The 5 most important buttons ever put on a calculator -- the Time Value of Money (TVM) Buttons!
  • What are yields and discounts?
  • How to use your calculator as a financial time machine!
  • How to discount uneven cash flows!
  • The essential skills to be able to price and purchase partial notes and future balloon payments.

IMPORTANT! For the course, you must possess the HP 10bii calculator or mobile app!

Featuring... The HP 10bii Mobile App

This course was based on the 10bii app which emulates the HP 10bii financial calculator. The calculator can perform all sorts of calculations, including basic arithmetic, statistics, and TVM - loans, savings, leasing, amortization, and cash flow analysis.

Watch a Free Sample from the Course!

In this clip, Terrence explains how to discount a $10k note with a 8% interest rate and 10 yr term.


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